To our patients regarding Covid 19/Corona Virus:

We’ve all heard that Covid 19 isn’t just another flu virus. Due to Governor Baker’s declaration of State of Emergency, we will also be taking precautions and “upping our game” so to speak.

  1. Patients over the age of 70 should consider rescheduling their appointments until mid April. We are not requiring this of course, but encouraging it.
  2. We will be calling ALL patients to confirm that you are not ill or have returned from over seas. OF COURSE, stay home if you are feeling the slightest bit ill.
  3. Our team members will also stay home should they not feel well.
  4. We are very strict about equipment cleaning and hand cleaning and have always taken precautions. But we will be using gloves as needed as well as disinfecting all charts, switches, door handles and hand held instruments used by staff and doctors.We have discarded all magazines as well.
  5. PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN PENS. We will not provide them after this weekend.
  6. NO FOOD or any drink will be allowed in the building. Please leave it in your car or at home.
  7. Anyone with “pink eye” or lids that are swollen shut or “sticky” in the AM must call for instructions. We may request that you see your PCP instead of coming here. This will be a case by case basis and you must call the office.

There is so much information – good and bad – about how this virus spreads.

Your safety – and ours – is paramount at this time. Please work with us to keep everyone safe.

Let’s just all use common sense, here. If you are not sure of what to do, please call us. We can help.